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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

- KarDec Home has become a company that started its operations in the beginning of 2022. It is a company that manufactures and sells different products worldwide according to demand and demand.
- Its founders  Baki Can Hız and Halil İbrahim Hız, has worked in different advertising sectors and provided digital advertising services to dozens of people as of 2016. Before starting digital service, he played an important role in the drawing and production of different projects in international trade fairs. He started to work in the sector. He managed the e-commerce platforms of the company he worked in the private sector and used digital advertising intensively. While working in the private sector, he organized advertising activities in France, England, the Netherlands, Germany,Kuwait and Belgium, and thanks to these studies, he made a lot of financial gain for the company he was in.kardechome online shop

kardechome store

- KarDec Home Store Owner

- The name KarDec Home comes from the lands where his ancestors migrated (Karaçay-Kar), since its founder Baki Can Hız is a Karaçay Balkar Turk.It shortened the words Karaçay(Karachay) and Dekor(Dec) and KarDec company emerged. Since most of the decor products are related to home, the brand name KarDec Home has emerged.

KarDec Home Store

- Mission and Vision
Our founder, Baki Can Hız and Halil İbrahim Hız, tried to provide the best possible service to his customers in his export activities.
For these reasons, the most basic principle of KarDec Home is customer service support. Another states that it is always there for every customer who does not neglect the policies and abides by the policies.
"Thank you on behalf of KarDec Home for choosing us."
-Company Owner


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